Excellence – The New Competitive Advantage

Excellence1‘We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence therefore is not act but a habit’ – Aristotle

We introduce today’s post with the famous quote by Aristotle and a useful quality for African businesses as they strive to remain relevant and gain competitive advantage.

Most successful businesses have adopted excellence as a thrust and we have seen them survive generations. An example is Walmart – a business formed with the desire to create the best retail experience ever. Another example is Walt Disney, an organization committed to creating lasting experiences and memories. These companies, through several management changes, did not renege on the promise made to consumers from the beginning. They put systems in place to ensure that consistent levels of delivery are maintained from generation to generation.

Excellence informs the core of every enduring brand. The concept of excellence transcends hard work. It transcends knowledge. It is a way of being and doing; with the being driving the doing.

Excellence is responsible for the creativity that births innovations that we see all around us. The constant quest to improve beyond current realities has given birth to civilization as we have it today. Imagine that the Wright brothers were comfortable with moving around in cars alone or if Tim Berners Lee did not think of a better way to share information, we will not have airplanes or the World Wide Web; and each of these inventions with its attendant gains.

Every innovation starts with a questioning of the status quo and the search for improved ways of doing things. This is the onus on us all as individuals and collectively as a nation. It is not enough to act, it is not enough to do, the quality of delivery matters as much.

Excellence creates amazing products, services, economies, relationships, lifestyles and indeed societies. We cannot even begin to function at optimum capacity if we do not permit our minds to explore better ways of doing things. So join us in the quest of being the best that we can possibly be.

Embrace excellence today!

Author: Diekola Onaolapo
Diekola is a finance professional with sound industry knowledge and a remarkable depth of experience. Diekola’s career includes experience from financial institutions, such as Citibank, and IBTC (now Stanbic IBTC, a member of the Standard Bank Group) where he managed international trade for public sector and large corporate clients, including telecommunication companies and manufacturing conglomerates. Before co-founding Eczellon Capital, Diekola was an Executive Director at Bluebird Capital and oversaw the advisory services and issuing house business of the company. Prior to Bluebird Capital, he worked with FutureView Financial Services Limited as Head, Advisory Services Unit, where he structured various M&A transactions and capital issues during the 2005 consolidation exercise in the Nigerian banking sector. He has also been involved in a lead role on various PPP and public sector projects including power sector privatization, federal and state road concessions, and the establishment of industrial parks. He is an expert in corporate finance, business and financial advisory.